How To Make Your Internet More Faster

1. Use ISP who have a good speed, and best customer service for satisfaction customer ( You can chose one of them : 1. Speedy 2. IM2 3. Fastmedia or any isp that u think have good speed connection, and good service.
2. Always check regulary your pc using tools like, Tune Up Utilities, SpeedUp My pc, or any software u trust.
3. Keep ur pc from virus like Trojan, Malware, Spyware, or any virus exe. For Indonesian virus local u can use this antivirus like PCMAV 1.91, Smadav (Not Everyone Know), Ansav. For virus outsider you can use AVG, AVIRA, OR AVAST or any antivirus that u always trust.
4. Always maintenance other equipment like modem, cable, and other equipment that connected with your internet access.

Hopely usefull